>Freedom of Information

All requests should be made to Debbie Sullivan or Craig Rigg at colchesterlibrary@yahoo.com

FY 19/20 meetings are the first Monday of each month @ 4:30 PM in the Don O’Harra Room: at 203 Macomb St. (Colchester Library)


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I live in Tennessee IL and was curious on where I can get a library card at. Would it be in Colchester or Macomb I would appreciate to hear back from a.s.a.p thank you and have a pleasant day.

    • Im so sorry I just found your message. I wish it had sent us an email. If your still interested in a card you go to the closest library district to you which is probably us. The bad part is your in an area that has no district so you would be charged for a library card. Again very sorry. Thanks for messaging us.

  2. good morning! a friend in Sodus NY who volunteers at their small local library often speaks of their many activities. i mentioned Dad’s dream of a library in Colchester and how residents earlier on jumped on the bandwagon. i love the activities i see on fb news feed. i realize i had not looked at the website so i did. She was going to take a look and will find your up first activity interesting. we both agree small libraries should not have to struggle so much financially. in passing, i noticed on this page Dad’s name is spelled incorrectly and needs to be O’Harra…..hard to get those 2 “rr” in. enjoyed your website but i think the fb page has much more activity so i will direct her there. news feed posts and Colchester….if always bring back memories of my years there. i hope you enjoy your day! Kathy

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