Colchester Book Club


The Book club meets every month first Wednesday of the month.

This month’s book is:

The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson

If you are interested in joining you can contact us by calling the library at 776-4861 or just come in and check out a copy of the book to get started.

Books Club list for 2022

The Masterpiece by Fiona Davis

Sooley by John Grisham


6 thoughts on “Colchester Book Club

  1. Hi, I would like to join this club. I’m moving with my family in september to Colchester. We are moving from Belgium. I love books and I thought practising the English language by joining a book club.

    1. We don’t have one currently. Looking for someone who would like to volunteer to restart it. Thank you for letting us know you are interested in one. Hopefully, we can get it going again. Please come in and meet us when you get to town!

  2. I have just retired from teaching and I am looking to join a book club!!Please let me know if it starts up again!

    1. I am so sorry I just found messages on here. Im not overly familiar with wordpress apparently. There is a book club that meets on 1st Wed of the month here at the library. Please feel free to come check it out. We usually have a few extra titles for checkout.

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