Checkout desk in the main room where our public computers are.

How long may I keep library items?

Books and DVDs can be checked out for two weeks. At the end of the checkout period, the items need to be returned to the library or you will start accruing overdue fines (.05 a day). If you are not through with the items and would like to keep them longer, you may call the library or message us on Facebook and ask for them to be renewed. Items can be renewed up to two times but only if there are no patrons on hold for those items and if they are not interlibrary loans.

How many times can items be renewed?

            Items may be renewed up to two times if no one is waiting on hold for them and if they are not interlibrary loans. Interlibrary loan items cannot always be renewed so they will need to be used as quickly as possible. If you need an interlibrary loan item longer than two weeks, you’ll need to talk to a librarian.

What if the library is closed when I need to return my books?

            We have a book return drop box located by the street in front of the library. Items can be returned there even if the library is closed.

If the library doesn’t have the title I’m looking for, is it possible to borrow it from another library?

            Yes. We are able to borrow many materials from other Illinois libraries. If you have a title you’re looking for, please talk to one of our librarians and they can place the request for you. Depending on where the item comes from, it can take a week for the item to arrive. We will then call you to let you know your interlibrary loan item has arrived and you will have ten days to pick up the item before it has to be sent back. Once checked out, you have two weeks before the interlibrary loan item has to be returned.

Does the library have e-books I can borrow?

Yes. We partner with other Illinois libraries to provide e-books to our patrons. Colchester District Library patrons can access library e-books at http://alliance.lib.overdrive.com. You will need your library card number and a pin. You can obtain these from a librarian.

Can I make copies at the library?

            Yes. We have a copy machine that patrons can make black and white copies on for $0.25 per page or you can print from a computer for the same amount.

Can I send faxes at the library?

            Yes. Faxes can be sent or received at the library. We charge $1.00 for the first page and $0.75 for each additional page to send a fax, and to receive a fax, it is $0.25 per page. Our fax number is 309-776-4099.

Does the library have computers the public can use?

            Yes, there are five computers for the public to use and you do not need a library card to use them.

Does the library offer free Wi-Fi?

            Yes. You can also access it from outside when we are not open by using the CPL_Guest. There is no password for that connection.

Does the library have genealogy and local history materials?

            Yes. We have a few books on local history, some cemetery books from the McDonough County area, some high school yearbooks, and plat books.

Can I order and purchase books through the library?

            No. Books can be purchased at the library when we are having a book sale, but we do not order books for patron purchase or resale.

Does the library have private meeting rooms for use by the public?

Yes. Our meeting room can accommodate groups or meetings of 15 or fewer people. Our activity room can accommodate up to 20 people. Both are available and should be reserved in advance. If the library is open at the time of usage, the room is free. If the room is used at a time when the library is closed, the fee is $15. There are no kitchen facilities.

These rooms are perfect for meetings, private conferences, test proctoring, quiet study, and tutoring.

Are there programs offered at the library?

Notary service

Home Bound delivery

Talking Books for visually or physically impaired

Magazine Swap table

Two standing programs are offered at the library. One is the Readers Group or Book Club. The group meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 1:30. The group chooses what they read, and the discussions last about 1.5 hours.

The other standing program is Story Hour every Monday morning at 10:45. It is for all preschool and homeschool ages and consists of books, songs, games, rhymes, and art projects on many fun and interesting topics.

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